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Item No 742  Black Mulch Plastic 3 feet x 4,000 feet (Embossed)               
  • Earlier and higher yields, though there will be variations from year to year.
  • Weed control. Because the mulch is black, light is not transmitted through the plastic and therefore weeds will not grow under the material.
  • Soil temperature increases 3-5 degrees F under the mulch at soil depths of 2-6 inches. This is the area of greatest root growth early in the season. Warm roots grow faster and accelerate plant growth.
  • Evaporation of soil moisture is reduced. Plastic mulch is impervious to water. Any evaporation of soil moisture occurs only through planting holes. Nutrient leaching is reduced during excessive rainy periods.
  • Easy to install and durable. Plastic mulch is flexible and stretchable. It will conform to both flat and raised beds. Strong enough for either double cropping in the same season or possibly over two seasons. Easy field removal.

3 feet x 4,000 feet, 1-mil Super Strength embossed plastic

Can be laid at high speeds, UV Stabilized, designed to last the duration of your growing season. Stretches very well and hugs tight to the bed. Works for with practically all crops varieties. at depths of 2 to 6 inches, warming the roots which results in your plants growing faster. Since there is no light coming through under the black mulch the weeds can't grow. This durable plastic mulch also works well with all crop varieties. and can if careful be double cropped in one season Plastic mulch is extruded from clear polyethylene resin into sheets of film of varying widths and lengths. In its natural state, plastic is clear, so carbon black is added to make it black. Generally, the thickness is 1.0 to 1.1 mil (1 mil = 1/1000 inch) although thinner materials are available in high density polyethylene. Because of the inherent physical properties of black plastic mulch, it modifies the micro-climate around plants; enhancing growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops. Over many years of experimentation, and use since the late 1950's, black plastic has proved to be a boost to agricultural productivity. WI, MN IL, IA, ND, SD Residents: Shipping rates displayed may be considerably lower depending on products ordered.


Price: $120.00

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