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Item No JH3  Three Row Seeder on 3 Point Hitch               
  • Add JPN Fetilizer Hopper
  • Add JTP1000D Double Dis Opener for trash ground
  • Seed Hopper volume 0.26 gallon
  • Add JJPRM Row Marker
  • Easy seed unloading, no waste of left over seeds

Three Row Seeder on 3 Point Hitch

Go to search on home page and type in JROLL and pick out your one free seed roller. Then call sales at 800-236-6670 to place your seeder order. Clean, durable plastic hopper allows you to see the seeds. Quick release hopper makes it easy to empty and change seed roller. Accurately singulates and spaces small seeds and larger coated seeds. Will work with only small amounts of seeds in the hopper. Uses special anti abrasion plastic rollers to prevent static electricity. Seed sizing roller information is provided on the inside of hopper lid for easy seed roller selection. Quick change seeder hoppers. By Jang Automation


Price: $1187.00

Item   JROLL


Price: $22.00

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