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About Us



Back in the mid 70s, Brian Krusko and his new bride, Theresa, decided to embark upon building a pick-your-own strawberry business on the small farm they had just purchased. They planted their first berry plants in the spring of 1978 and opened for their first customers in June of 1979. After a couple of berry seasons had passed, Brian, who was educated as a manufacturing engineer, decided to design a berry box carrier that would allow the customers to easily carry two corrugated berry boxes at one time into and out of the field. He drew the design and took it to a manufacturer in northeastern Wisconsin to have it produced. After production was complete, Brian took a sample of his stackable carriers to a nearby nursery in Randolph, Wisconsin. When the owners saw the carriers and how easily they could be carried and stored, they ordered 100 of them. That was on April 1, 1984--the birth of Glacier Valley Enterprises, LLC.

A second product that came along shortly after the berry box carrier was the sturdy zinc-plated row marking flags. These flags were unlike other row markers of the time because, as one farmer put it, "You could run over it with a tractor and it would still be usable!" (Not that this is what we recommend!!) These flags were built strong to last and had a neon colored flag attached.

To grow their business, Brian and Theresa began attending strawberry shows, not only in Wisconsin, but in neighboring states as well, to market these original products. It was at a Minnesota show that Brian met a raspberry grower who collaborated with Brian to help him design some products specifically for raspberry harvesting. It was then that the triped and the belt carriers were born. Brian also produced some taller flags for those berry growers with taller plants.

Over the years, Brian has added many new complementary products to his fruit and vegetable harvesting catalog. Today his product line has expanded to include more than 700 products for fruit and vegetable growers throughout the United States and Canada. Brian enjoys working with growers to find products that fit their specific needs.


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