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Item No 959, 100% Compostable Plastic Mulch               
  • No residues or toxicities in the ground.
  • Inquire about white on black 4 x 4,000 feet or 5 x 4,000 feet .6 mil thickness
  • inquire about 3 foot x 4,000 feet and 4 foot x 2,400 feet .6 mil black
  • Starts breaking down 3-4 months on .6 mil thickness

5 feet x 4,000 feet, .6 mil thickness, black biodegradable plastic mulch

BIO 360 is made of Mater-Bi, a starch based material. Novamont produces Mater-BI with renewable resources such as starches from different non-GMO crops: corn & other cereals, potatoes, & vegetable oils. The total compostability of Mater-Bi is certified with Ecocert, OK Compost, Din Certo, international composting and environmental standards such as EN 13432 by Vincotte and ASTM D6400 by BPI, which guarantee complete composting in soil with out any toxic residues. Not OMRI listed. Manufacture does not guarantee the film's life span due to the rate of composting is influenced by climate and environment conditions such as: temperature, humidity, organic matter, and microbial activity of the soil. Use of plastic soil mulches has been shown to accelerate development, improve yields and enhance the quality of various vegetable crops. The optimum mulch type depends on the crop and production conditions. Clear mulches that increase soil temperatures are particularly beneficial in situations where growers are attempting to grow warm season vegetable crops in locations with a short and cool growing season. Black mulches conserve soil moisture and limit weed growth but provide less soil warming than clear mulch. The chemistry of these plastics has been altered so that after a period in the field the combination of UV light and microbial activity causes these mulches to "fall apart." The resulting small pieces of plastic are readily incorporated into the soil where further breakdown occurs, eventually leaving little in the way of residues. There have been problems with the plastics breaking down under either too quickly leaving the crop unprotected or too slow resulting in problems with residual plastic. Lay relatively loose, after about a day mulch tightens and clings to soil bed. WI, MN IL, IA, ND, SD Residents: Shipping rates displayed may be considerably lower depending on products ordered.


Price: $380.00

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